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As a high school student, JoAnn Farb founded "Animals on Wheels," a traveling wildlife workshop that brought biology programs to schools. She completed her her undergraduate degree in microbiology, and went on to write science curriculum for the "Science Shop" in Melbourne, Australia. Part way through her Masters she was lured in a different direction by a lucrative offer in the pharmaceutical industry to be a "biodecontamination Specialist", consulting with pharmaceutical manufacturers, factory farms and lab-animal testing facilities. Her first hand experience during the three years she held this position profoundly impacted her views, and laid the foundation for much of what she writes about in Compassionate Souls.

JoAnn Farb is the youngest of three daughters born to a Montessori teacher/mother and an entrepreneur/lay scientist father. From childhood on, she has studied families and parenting styles dreaming of the day when she would finally be a mother. She lives in Kansas with her husband and two daughters. This is her first book.

JoAnn hopes to inspire people to do their own research, to grow and mature and become more thoughtful compassionate and responsible citizens and to make choices consistent with their own heartfelt beliefs -- no matter how out-of-step they may seem with the rest of society. She is interested in helping others tap into sources of information to assist them in making healthy choices and invites comments, suggestions and questions.

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