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Choosing a Baby Carrier or Baby Sling

(An Article by Jane Rosenberg of My Favorite Baby Carrier, which specializes in The Ergo baby carriers.)

I remember the first time I came across the ERGO Baby Carrier - in 2003. It was as though someone had designed a carrier specifically for me. I had a toddler at the time and now that she is a preschooler (who still likes to be carried) and I have a baby as well, it is still the perfect carrier for us. I have owned a few other carriers and tried my friends' front carriers, slings, and back carriers as well, but nothing is as comfortable and versatile as the ERGO. There are other carriers available that offer some of the features of the ERGO, but I haven't found one that is as good.

An Introduction to Baby Carriers

These days there seem to be dozens and dozens of baby carriers available. Whether an advocate of Baby Wearing and Attachment Parenting, an avid hiker, a diehard shopper, or just wants to get some things done around the house, almost every mother these days will purchase at least one baby carrier.

Baby Slings are comfortable for infants and young babies, but many women find them hard to adjust and uncomfortable to wear when the child gets heavy. Almost everyone who doesn't buy a sling, has a Baby Bjorn (or similar) front carrier because they find them easy to put on and adjust, though they too become uncomfortable as baby gets bigger. Eventually, most all people find it necessary to buy yet another carrier, usually a backpack-type carrier, some of which are really serious hiking contraptions to the tune of $250.00.

There are now a few carriers that attempt to be more versatile by working in both the front and back positions. But ERGO was the first company to design a carrier to accommodate newborns, babies, toddlers, and young children which is comfortable for both the parent and the child. The ERGO also has unique features such as a sleeping hood (to keep the sleeping child's wobbly head in place), a hip carry option, and useful accessories such as a fanny pack that attaches to either the front or back of the carrier and converts to a purse.

With success has come imitators, and all sorts of baby carriers these days offer their version of a "convertible carrier". I have compared many of these carriers to the ERGO and while I do like some features of other carriers, I still haven't come across anything that has the unique quality and features of the ERGO Baby Carrier. For those looking for the most well-made, most versatile, ergonomically designed carrier, ERGO is the gold standard.

Expensive, but worth it?

But is the ERGO worth it's price? $92.00 does seem like a lot of money, but if you take into consideration that this is a product you may well use every day for three or four years, it seems like a pretty good deal. It's hard to say the same for other baby equipment in the same price range.

Don't Let the Simple Design Fool You - It's a Serious Carrier.

We are so used to the mammoth framed back carriers that it doesn't seem possible that this simple little carrier, like the ERGO carrier, could take its place. It may not have the rain or wind shield that the more serious carriers have, but the ERGO is just as comfortable. Actually, since the carrier itself is lighter, and you are carrying the child closer to your body, your load will seem even lighter. Is it hotter to have the child right up against you? Probably yes. Is there adequate storage for longer excursions? Probably not, but the knapsack accessory which attaches to the carrier fills that need.

The Trial is Key

Bottom line, you need to try out a carrier to see if it works for both you and your baby. That is why I offer a 90 day trial on the ERGO - so you can see for yourself if it works for you. Our returns run about 8% or so - and in most of these cases the mom really likes the ERGO but the baby just isn't comfortable. We offer the 90 day trial so you can check the ERGO out for yourself and not be stuck with another expensive carrier in the closet in case it doesn't work out for you.

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