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Table of Contents

"Compassionate Souls -- Raising the Next Generation
to Change the World

Chapt 1 On Becoming a Parent

  • How "The Farm" can benefit you
  • Meet the next "Dr Spock" and find out what he has to offer.
  • What is attachment style parenting?
  • What impact do we really have on others?
  • What makes a family successful?

Chapt 2 Conscious Birth

  • Why you should go to LLL BEFORE you have a baby.
  • What you don't know can hurt you and your baby!
  • Consider this before selecting an Ob/Gyn.
  • Ensuring a safe birth.
  • What birth is like.
  • The benefits of a conscious birth.

Chapt 3 Breastfeeding

  • Formula for Disaster.
  • Breastfeeding Successfully.
  • How to reduce your baby's chance of getting cancer, allergies, asthma, braces and glasses.
  • When to wean.
  • What's in it for mothers?
  • How to make your breastmilk low in contaminants.

Chapt 4 Vaccination

  • What we all take for granted.
  • What I learned from the CDC.
  • How to track down the real facts.
  • Tetanus.
  • Whooping Cough -- what your doctor probably doesn't know.
  • Polio -- what you should know.
  • What are your legal rights?

Chapt 5 Vegan Children

  • What being vegan can do for your children.
  • Implications of your diet for your unborn child.
  • How our food choices impact the planet our children will inherit.
  • Vegan and Pregnant.
  • The real scoop on dairy.
  • Fortifying your child to deal with peer pressure.
  • Ideas from families who've made the change.

Chapt 6 Non-Violent Discipline

  • My two-point plan.
  • How Bowen theory can help you.
  • Which experts should you read and why?
  • Releasing the need to be perfect.
  • Never argue with your children.

Chapt 7 Creating a Peaceful Home

  • Structure determines function.
  • An oasis where your values set the standard.
  • Toys that promote health -- and those that don't.
  • Taking control of your child back from the corporations.
  • Television.

Chapt 8 Education

  • Montessori.
  • Waldorf.
  • Choosing the right schooling for your child.
  • Daycare.
  • Homeschooling.

Chapt 9 Family and Community

  • How many adult role models your children need for good health.
  • Dealing with your extended family.
  • How Bowen Theory can really make a difference.
  • Creating a supportive community.

Chapt 10 Preparing Your Child to Swim Against the Tide

  • Difficulty? What Difficulty?
  • Sending your child off to school.
  • Dealing with authorities.
  • Teaching your child to think for himself.
  • Fostering a conscious soul.
  • What the future holds.

Appendix: Additional Resources and Recipes

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