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Why I No Longer Encourage People to Participate In Natural Learning Rhythms or Encompass programs

Regrettably, I can no longer encourage people to participate in Natural Learning Rhythms or Encompass programs.

I discovered (August of 2007) that Ba and Josette Luvmour, the founders of NLR, in one of their holistic learning programs promote violence against animals (in the case I know of - it is a chicken which they provide live and encourage the children to participate in it's slaughter) They defend their practice by arguing that they are "Raising a child's awareness to where their food comes from, at the right developmental moment"

Obviously one could accomplish this without encouraging children to participate in violence - and actually be MORE honest to where most meat really comes from by taking the children to visit a chicken processing facility.

I attempted, but was unsuccessful in helping them to see that this "exercise" is totally contrary to their goal of bringing about a more peaceful world. I am saddened that they can educate on how our own past injuries can blind us to the ways we may be hurting others, but when it comes to themselves, have a significant blind spot, and are unwilling to look at this issue from a compassionate perspective.

Serving meat to children, who have grown up consuming it is one thing - but encouraging children who have never killed a bird or mammal - (animals that they typically are affectionate with - if encountered alive) to become killers of them, is quite another.

Most people can see that swatting a mosquito, that is attacking them, and killing a chicken simply to eat it when other food is readily available are not moral equivalents.

Furthermore by using their own position (as trusted mentors to the children in their programs) to encourage them to behave violently and/or to see their peers influenced in this way is child abuse, is a violation of the relationships and is contrary to holism.

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