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Why I Love My Memory Foam Topper Pad

As a new mom, I quickly became aware of the importance of sleep. And while I don't know that anyone can escape sleep deprivation as a mom, I can say that I've found that I have been able to get a much better quality of sleep by adding a memory foam topper pad to my mattress.

I found out about memory foam topper from my friend, David Rosenberg. He had injured his back years ago, and after finding that memory foam really helped with his sleep and back pain issues, he decided to open up an internet store specializing in memory foam.

So when I talked with him and mentioned that I wasn't sleeping well and had all sorts of aches and pains -- and couldn't afford a new mattress right then -- he suggested I try one of his memory foam topper pads.

And the difference, after adding the topper to my bed, was night and day. I not only slept better, but had less aches and pains in the morning and really felt better during the day. It is amazing how a good night's sleep can make such a huge difference in how you feel -- my mood was better, I had more energy, and patience with the girls.

I've now used memory foam for years, and found it to really help reduce pressure points and help me sleep much more comfortably.

If you are having these sort of sleep or pain issues and want to try a topper amd don't know much about memory foam, a good place to start is with Healthy Foundation's Memory Foam Mattress Buyer's Guide. If you are wanting to just order one for your bed, here's where you can find their memory foam topper pads. I really recommend them for the quality of their memory foam products, but also their wealth of information (they have lots of detail on the toppers, tons of FAQs, and they offer an unmatched 1 year money back trial on all their toppers and mattresses (that is right, 365 days to try it out for yourself) -- so you can see if it works out as well for you, and if not you aren't stuck).

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