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Overview of Book

I hear it over and over from people new to the parenting path..."There is so much to know, and so much contradictory information. Where does anyone start? How did you learn what you know about birth choices, diet, breastfeeding, television, education, health care, vaccination, and discipline..." etc. etc.

There IS a lot to know, and today with more choices then ever before parents DO have a lot to think about. We are inundated with information, yet when we stop to reflect upon it, much of what we are being told just doesn't feel right in our hearts. Sometimes it seems that the information most widely available just encourages us to buy something, or worse...makes us feel vulnerable or incapable of acting in our family's best interest. We are overwhelmed with the responsibility of making choices for this new and vulnerable person entrusted to our care. We want to give our baby the best possible start in life. We want to protect him or her from danger. We are loath to make mistakes even though we understand that we most certainly will. The popular books, most magazines, talk shows, longtime friends, pediatricians all seem to reinforce the status where can you turn to tap into an alternative perspective? How can you really have a choice about how to raise your children when most of what you are surrounded with encourages you to care for your children in one particular way -- a way that is actually very new to our species and inconsistent with our fundamental biological needs?

Compassionate Souls -- Raising the Next Generation to Change the World is a place to start. I wrote this book to help you figure out your own unique parenting path. And unique it MUST be. No other person comes to parenting with exactly your personality, your life history, your family issues, your particular desires and dreams all taking place in the context of this never-before-experienced culture. You don't need to agree with my unique path to benefit from reading Compassionate Souls. You simply need to think about the issues I raise in the context of your own situation, and explore some of the additional sources of information I suggest to come up with what makes the most sense to you.

You can benefit from my passion for research, my experience as a microbiologist working for a multinational pharmaceutical company and my own personal struggle as a mother to raise healthy, thinking children who I hope will inspire others to live compassionate lives and usher in a better world. While many people feel overwhelmed by the information available today, I love information! I love to read and explore ideas -- many of which are summarized succinctly in Compassionate Souls. I tell you where I get my information so that you can use my sources on your own search.

No matter what choices we make as parents we are bound to make some mistakes. So it is my hope that someday in my old age as I reflect back upon my parenting -- no matter what the outcome, I know that I used my mind and my heart to the best of my ability to seek out relevant information, and then thought carefully before making significant choices. Since writing Compassionate Souls, I continue to hear people's unfortunate stories where a lack of good information left them vulnerable to well-meaning but misinformed others -- especially in the field of health. Expect this web site to grow as I include additional information not covered in my book. I hope that my experience, this web site and my book are helpful to you.

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