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My Review Of All Natural Latex Mattresses

You spend so much time in your bed, it is just so important to both have a comfortable bed as well as one non-toxic.

That is why I am so interested in all natural latex mattresses. They are not only non-toxic, but also sustainable and eco-friendly. But the "latex mattresses" you most often see in stores or online aren't usually true, natural latex mattresses. Instead they are blends of a bit of natural latex and mostly made with synthetic latex (a petrochemical product -- think polyurethane foam, except somehow when they developed this partiuclar kind back in the day, they made it all confusing by calling it "synthetic latex" (it was during the war when natural latex was hard to get, so they developed this "synthetic latex" for the war effort).

In addition there are different kinds of "natural latex" -- that made using the Dunlop Method and that made using the Talalay Method.

Confused? It is a bit much, but worth learning about since all-natural latex has such a wonderful, bouncy yet receptive nature. It really is a uniquely comfortable sleep surface, and since it is non-toxic, it is something I really hope you check out.

Before buying, though, it is really important to educate yourself so you will ensure you get both real, all natural latex and a mattress that is comfortable for you. So check out this all natural latex mattress buyer's guide to get good schooling on it, and you might want to check out if his business -- Healthy Foundations -- is carrying a latex mattress yet since they offer a 1 year money back guarantee on all their mattresses (and have an A+ BBB rating, so they stand behind their promises).

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